Shezi Rosewood Merges His Singing Proficiency With Exotic Melodies To Create Latest Song ‘Other Side’


Shezi Rosewood

An artist, an entrepreneur, and an influential strategist, Shezi Rosewood is claiming the highest rank in all the domains with his terrific potential and versatility. The Los Angeles music artist is riding high waves of success with all his endeavors and his back on the music scene to treat his loyal fans with another mesmerizing record that would simply accentuate his popularity amongst them. The rejuvenating vocal charisma of this sensational artist is preferred by all and the latest song Other Sideexplores his melodic prowess like never before. The listeners get opened to a vast range of high-quality melodic bars and delightful harmonies as the singer uplift the mood of all with his expressive voice that flows smoothly throughout the record creating a hypnotic ambiance. The listeners get dragged to a different melodic dimension with his magnetic aura that is most beautifully uplifted throughout the soundtrack. His singing, his choice of melodies that ranges from hip-hop, R&B, and Korean soul, and the undeniable warmth, offers a vibe that hooks endlessly.

Coming from the United States, this young talented artist is a bundle house of terrific potential whose skill and caliber is not just restricted to music but expands to other aspects equally well. Over the years he has shown his skills by collaborating with big artists like Kendrick Lamar, Jim Jones, and others. Moreover, he has also collaborated with big brands like Adidas, FedEx, Backwoods, and also with New York Fashion Week and LA Fashion Week that simply elevates his artistic vision. The song ‘Other Side’ has been built under the label OU:RS and thrives on the Shezi Rosewood’s individuality that embraces his diversified life experiences with no boundaries and hesitations. Listen to it on both Soundcloud and YouTube and follow the artist on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, for more details.


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