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ER code facial recognition terminal

(ProNewsReport Editorial):- Shenzhen, Guangdong Aug 10, 2021 ( – TGW launched the recognition of the “EU Digital certificate” temperature facial recognition solution, synchronous completion of the “EU version of healthy QR code” identification, temperature testing, face mask recognition.

In order to better prevent and control the new crown outbreak, promote the movement of people and economic recovery in the territory, the EU new crown digital certificate (EUDCC, known as the “European Vaccine Passport”) has begun to enter into force, allowing EU citizens to move between countries.

The new crown digital proof is published to the user in the form of a QR code, each with 3 kids, including:

(1) Certificate of vaccination against an EU-approved vaccine

(2) A negative certificate for nucleic acid testing

(3) Certificate of rehabilitation after contracting pneumonia

Holders of the “EU Health Code” are free to enter and leave the EU countries that recognize the certificate, which is recognized by all 27 EU member states as well as other European countries such as Iceland, Norway and Switzerland.

TGW was the first enterprise to pay attention to the “EU version of the healthy code” of the traffic demand, the introduction of the recognition of “EU new crown digital proof” of the temperature recognition face recognition pass management solution.


Solution Introduction

The scheme uses high-performance hardware configuration, equipped with a high-precision face recognition algorithm, supports non-contact rapid temperature screening based on infrared thermal imaging technology, supports the identification of the Eu’s new crown digital proof QR code, built-in two-channel horn, realizes voice broadcast, voice alert, reduces the risk of close contact infection, supports a perfect back-office management system, helps the new crown epidemic prevention and control, and achieves safe and efficient access control for personnel.


Features of the solution

1, “EU new crown digital proof” QR code verification

The program supports the identification of “EU new crown digital proof” two-dimensional code, equipment identification and reading of QR code information, information displayed to the screen, including basic information about visitors and epidemic prevention information, the relevant information is only temporary verification, not saved to the local.

2, Support the full coverage of language

Support is available in Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, English, Italian, Polish, German, Russian, Thai, French, Arabic, Vietnamese, Czech, Romanian, Japanese, Kazakh, Hebrew, Slovak, Dutch, Turkish, Lithuanian, Greek, Portuguese, Portuguese, Brazilian, Ukrainian, Spanish, Indonesian, Korean, Croatian, etc., covering the needs of customers in the EUROPEAN Union.

3, Supports infrared thermal imaging body temperature detection

Supports non-contact precision and rapid temperature screening based on infrared thermal imaging technology, the best temperature detection distance of 0.5 meters, the furthest 1 meter, temperature measurement accuracy ± 0.5 degrees C, supports automatic temperature abnormal alarm, second-stage detection speed.

4, Support accurate face recognition

Support for 2W face libraries. 1:1 comparison recognition rate of 99.7% or more, 1:N comparison recognition rate of 96.7% or more , 0.1% misconception rate, live detection accuracy rate of 98.3% – 1% error rejection rate. Face recognition passes at a speed of less than 1 second. Effective detection of whether visitors wear masks, voice alerts for people who do not wear masks, support the wearing of masks to complete the face recognition comparison.

5, Support privacy protection

Privacy protection is deeply optimized for the needs of different usage scenarios:

1, can set the client personnel through after the display of custom pictures;

2, can set the length of the stranger record retention, support the setting time automatically delete the stranger record;

3, a support stranger mode, that is, the identification of strangers after only measuring body temperature does not record the passage record;

6, Super hardware configuration

The use of industrial-grade all-aluminum alloy CNC housing, dozens of processes, efficient thermal conduction, fanless design, IPS full-view LCD HD display, industrial-grade wide dynamic binocular camera, built-in dynamic dual-camera live identification anti-counterfeiting, night infrared, LED double complement.

Optional RK3288 quad-core/RK3399 hex-core/MSM8953 coat-core processor for high performance and low power consumption, support for stable and smooth operation 7 x 24 hours.

  • Supports a custom management platform

Provide a professional management platform, can support APP and background personalized customization, to meet the actual requirements of different use environments in different regions, has now completed the 500-plus app version of customization, accumulated a wealth of experience, can respond more quickly to support customer customization needs,

Comprehensive coverage of each scenario pass management.



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