Press Release Vs Article – Which is the Best Option for Your Business?


Your business needs different publicizing ideas for different scenarios. Find out press release vs article, which is likely the right fit to spread your brand’s name.

Press Release Vs Article
Doesn’t it feel great when more and more people find out about you? Whether that’s featured as an expert or published as a news story in the press. Over the years, many marketers have wondered what’s best to consider when you’re interested in raising the profile of your business.

Well, there are some fantastic ways to get your stories out there. But which one should you choose for reaching new audiences? There are distinct types of product, service, and promotion types that depend on the type of your business.

The two most widely known forms are

• Press Release

• Article

This blog will give you some meaningful insight about which is more appropriate. For those of you who do not know the difference, i.e., press release vs article, keep reading to know about everything in detail.
First things first, what is a Press Release?

A PR is typically used to publicize some newsworthy information about a business. Press Releases are written by companies and are sent to the relevant media outlets to seek the attention of the journalists.

When to write a Press Release?

Not every story that you consider worthwhile is important. Therefore, it’s important to decide when to send out a press release. You can use it to announce news like:
• Achieving a milestone or an event
• Launch of a new service or product
• Winning an award
• A new partnership or charity
• Business expansion
• Appointment of key personnel

Remember not to clutter your PR with a lot of advertising content. It’s a big no-no!
Instead, fill it up with clear, precise, and informative words that are focused on the topic.

Heard about the 5 W’s of a PR?

When you identify the newsworthy content to tell people, keep in mind the 5 W’s. They are:
• Where
• When
• Who
• Why
• What

Press Release: Thing to Remember

Do not advertise. The writing of your PR should be objective. Also, make sure that you include your contact information. You need to write and think like a journalist.
In case, you find it all too much to handle, you can always seek the help of professionals to write an effective PR.

Next, is: What is an Article?

An article is typically used to share your expertise with the readers. They are longer than press releases and you have the added benefit of getting your brand name out as an industry expert. Moreover, depending on your area of expertise, usually, something that is relevant to your organization, you can draft an article spanning a wide array of topics.

Instead of announcing just one piece of news, you can use articles to explore a subject in depth. This would give your readers more useful information.

When to write an Article?

Writing articles is a common way to publicize your brand or business that helps you standout as an authority. Let’s give a small example: A furniture company wants to share some tips for maintaining its furniture. So, instead of a PR, they’ll send out an article titled ‘Best tips for maintaining your furniture’.
So, you can spot the difference between a PR and an Article.
A well-articulated article will educate the audience and also showcase your superiority in the competitive market. All you need is an idea! Your article pitch should smartly summarize who you are and what you would like to convey.
In case, you need help, contact an agency to get featured.

Article: Thing to Remember

An article is not an advertisement. So, don’t make it sound too salesy! Then you might just lose out on some serious opportunities. Also, do not give away all your secrets. The idea is to pique the reader’s interest, that’s it!

Quick Article vs Press Release Summary:

• Article is something you can publish frequently on your blog or website. Also, a regular posting of articles is important to maintain a consistent readership.
• With PRs you will only publish them when you have something worthy to announce or inform the press.