Mississippi rapper Izaiah Parker describes his musicality with fantastic hip-hop intimacy


Mississippi rapper Izaiah Parker hoists his name in the dynamic hip-hop stage with utmost confidence as he platters his amazing rapping skills to engage the people.

Music has no age barriers. Over the years the music industry has come across many such talents who spend years trying to perfect their craft and then few newcomers get it right the very first time. For those wondering if age is a deciding factor, artist Izaiah Parker has emerged on the scene to easily disrupt such notions with his mature vocal prowess. The Mississippi rapper is a 19-years-old from the United States who is currently serving the Air force and creates music that offers good vibes to the music fans. The young talent is quickly making a name for himself in the competitive hip-hop genre for his unique artistic perspective that bends towards creating hip-hop in a little different way. Unlike other boom-bap and chaotic structures, the rapper takes a clean yet impactful route to showcase his rap versatility and pours his heart out through explicit well-written compositions. Some of his remarkable work includes songs like ‘Are We’, ‘Calling for you momma’, ‘Therapeutic’, and ‘Matched Energy that immediately sets his record straight for the emotional quotient. The rapper well balances the weight of his storyline with a matching sound design that only proves his abundant potential to breakthrough.


Izaiah Parker is here to entertain the masses with his feel-good rap that is wrapped with deep emotions to instantly connect with the listener’s heart. The rising star is here to mark a dramatic entry in the industry and has rightly done so with his compelling soundscapes. His songs are a mirror to his soul as the artist uses no false words to share his experiences or emotions. Keeping the emotive quotient high in all the tracks, the artist ensures to start each song with mesmerizing and subtle pop and R&B drenched melodies that immediately hook. Built under the label PVO Records, the songs channels his approach to offer a variety of styles enveloped with evocative lyrics. Each song delivers a message related to his life and the skillful rapper delivers an unfiltered performance to make it hard-hitting. Hear out all the soundtracks on Soundcloud now.

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