Danny G Felix gives a Refreshing Twist to R&B and Soul with his Striking Musical Depth


With a genuine driving aim to expand his fan base in the industry by creating songs that sound both dynamic and smooth, an artist who is significantly changing the rules of the game is Danny G Felix. The music composer, pianist, and trumpeter are dedicated to blending modern, contemporary groove with rhythmic instrumentals to unveil some of the genre’s best samples. The prolific artist has always aimed at igniting waves of emotions in the listener with his intriguing soundscapes and has done it intricately to cast a solid impression. His songs are a reflection of his well-sorted personality, and the songs bear the enigma of his deep genre understanding. Crafting originals that captivate melodious R&B and soul hooks, the artist has recently released two new soundtracks titled ‘Dignity (with MANA)’ and ‘Open Highway (with MANA)’ that shed light on his stand apart musical abilities. Featuring an impressive and thoroughly engaging melody line, both the tracks offer a fascinating undertone as the artist employs the best of jazz, pop, soul, latin, kizomba, kompa, and R&B to lead the tracks with utmost precision. Giving a fine push to the overall sound design, the inclusion of the female vocals stands as a major highlight and engulfs the attention with its purity of expression. The mellifluous blend of the organic sounds with the singer’s charming voice creates a dreamlike ambiance.

Hailing from Australia, Danny G Felix aims at bringing joy to people from all walks of life with his mesmerizing music. The artist has worked with many greats like Gregory Porter, Mayito Rivera, and others and is also the founding director of two of Sydney’s two most important weekly jam sessions named Jazz Hip Hop Freestyle sessions and The Monday Jam. With his incredible creative ideology and passion to design refreshing harmonies, the artist has portrayed compositional precision in his two new songs ‘Dignity (with MANA)’ and ‘Open Highway (with MANA)’ that take no time to attract the listener’s attention. It’s clear that the musician is immensely gifted and has brought to the forefront his significant qualities to engage the listener. Built under the label Malo Malo, both songs embrace the audience with layers of melodies that sound unique and satisfying. He is an artist whose interesting way of crafting music has won him tons of legit fans who genuinely appreciate his music. Hear out his songs on Soundcloud, Spotify, and YouTube, and follow him on Facebook, and Instagram for more details.

Listen to his all latest tracks on SoundCloud please visit here:

Dignity (with MANA): https://soundcloud.com/dannygfelix/dignity

Open Highway (with MANA): https://soundcloud.com/dannygfelix/lost-highway-with-mana