Intelligent Diva has been submitted and accepted for Grammy consideration for song of the year


This is not a nomination but it’s still a milestone for her as an indie artist

(ProNewsReport Editorial):- Jacksonville, Florida Oct 29, 2021 ( – The Jacksonville, Florida native is filled with joy. Intelligent Diva is an indie artist, singer, producer-songwriter, lyricist, entrepreneur, actress and model who has indeed hit another milestone. Her single Sex to a Sax which features the jazz musician Aaron Bing has been submitted and accepted for a Grammy in the category of song of the year. The artist tells us that even though this isn’t a nomination it’s still an honor just to be considered.

As an indie artist, you never get the respect as a major artist when you with a small indie label. This year the Grammys have changed their rules and so she’s hoping for the best to at least be considered for a nomination. Intelligent Diva tells us the single Sex to a Sax is a jazz-rap song that was specifically written by her to feature a saxophone feature.  The artist states the single tells a story about how a couple is chilling together discussing the career goals on how they plan on making money.

Next the mood by turning on the radio where she is captivated by a jazz-rap single featuring a saxophone player. The sound turns her on, and she sets the move. As a lyricist, who understands how to read music, and she has a love for the saxophone uses wordplay in the second verse to describe how the saxophonist is playing a D note on the saxophone. The jazz artist Aaron Bing, who is featured on the track plays off that and plays the saxophone capturing the c and d notes. He plays with such passion to where both the artist Intelligent Diva and Aaron Bing play off of each other. Aaron Bing is also the producer on the track. Intelligent Diva tells us what makes her contribution to the indie music scene is that none of her songs sounds the same.

Her songs are original music, when you hear the music, Aaron is the entire band. Aaron plays 21 different instruments, and she identifies the music she wants to have in the song. Aaron plays the instruments. When it comes to the lead and background vocals, she is the lyricist and vocalist on the track. She sings all of her own hooks The artist can sing at the range of a second soprano, first and second alto and also a first tenor which are ranges you would hear in a choir or chorus which is the background of the artist. So, with the two of them combined you get nothing but originality, range, talent and creativity

I.D. is hoping that her talent accounts for something to where she can receive a nomination. The artist has definitely worked very hard this year. The artist started releasing music in 2020, she has released hits from “Boyshorts”,  ” Sexy Walk”. “Submit To You”, “Ice Cream”, “Lo Que Me Gusta”, and the album Seduction.  Last year, the artist tells us her music didn’t chart. She was marketing her music in 3 countries, US, UK and Canada at a regional letter. But this year, when she released her singles she focused on marketing her music globally. where her single ” No Justice ” landed at #1 on IRMIX Radio Indie Top 20 Countdown holding the position for 3 weeks. Both singles ” Sexy Walk”  and “No Justice” are even charted on the Top 150 DRT Charts, Cashbox Magazine Chart, and  Record World Magazine Chart. The single Not Making Love * Radio Edit also produced by Aaron Bing landed on the Top 100  Euro Indie Chart at # 3 and in the Top 10 on the Top 100 World Indie Chart. Singles “Work It Out Now, and Your Love is Dope also landed in the Top 20 on the Top 100 World Indie Chart. While the single Sex to a Sax landed the #1 spot on the World Indie Chart and #2 on the Euro Indie Chart.  Her current single  In My Feelings is also currently on the charts debuting at # 13 on Euro Indie Top 100 charts and #11 on the World Indie Charts.

While this year the rules have changed with the recording academy around the voting for artists in among various categories, to where they are not looking at the charts, or streams the duo is keeping their fingers crossed on their talent shining through and being considered for something. The obstacles and hurdles which Intelligent Diva has already overcome which she has heard she has already succeeded. The artist reminds she was always told that an indie artist would never be taking series and to be played on FM radio. The artist is streaming globally worldwide, thanks to her label Musik and Film on commercial radio.

She’s also being heard on both commercial and non -commercial radio, internet radio. The artist states she wanted her music to be heard in every music format there is. Her goal is not to be an artist to be kept inside a box. The artist hoped to make it to #1 and she has accomplished this, without the help of a major label. While she isn’t saying that indie artists don’t need a major label because financially they can do more. But, she can still make some moves on her own. Social media will possibly never be a huge area for her because the artist works a full-time job and a part-time job in order to fund her business. This time she can add that she was submitted and accepted to be considered for a grammy which she also heard could not happen for her without a major label. We wish her the best on her journey. The artist also has successfully reached  1 million streams in her music catalog, where she owns her masters. and music publisher.  

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