Catch Some Good Vibes with the Fresh Vocal and Hip Hop Music of Kendollog


Soundcloud hip hop superstar KenDollOG has released several hip hop tracks that will get the listeners addicted. The Maryland rapper just got started a few months back and already is able to gain a steady fan following. He has recently posted several hip hop tracks of his own. His new songs are upbeat that light up your mood. He recently released 5 original hip hop compositions: ‘Suicidal Thots’, ‘Tide’, ‘CBH‘ and ‘Make My Mamma Proud’. These new hip hop and rap songs have dynamic bass line with mix tempo that creates groovy music. Some of his songs like ‘Tide’ are about good life, chilling and catching party vibes with laid-back attitude. But some songs pour dark emotions as well. In songs like ‘Suicidal thots’, he talks about dark emotions like loneliness, insanity and depression.

New hip hop singer, Maryland rapper KenDollOG is finding his way to the top with his latest songs on Soundcloud that are really good with boom bass. His tracks are mainly about good feeling and love. His followers can really relate with the lyrics and the vibes of his compositions. He is active on other social medias like Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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