With a Growing Profile and Trendy Tracks, the Rapper CHiLLGUttA Becomes the Hip Hop Icon of the Youth


With many inexpressible experiences, the Los Angeles rapper CHiLL’GUttA has devoted his passion to contribute unmatched musicality in the industry to continue the magic of rap culture in the world. His recent songs on SoundCloud have broken the records, giving a hind that the world will always embrace true aesthesis in any form. He brings his California swag in his songs that makes them groovy with a great, levitating feeling. With the song ‘Broken Kings’ featuring Avery (Prod. Young Shad), he became the youth icon instantly with a no-drama narration that cuts the bull to the realness of the poignancy a man bears silently in his heart. With beautiful and smooth rhythms of alternative hip hop, the song stands out from a dime a dozen, melodramatic hits.

The indigenous rapper, CHiLL’GUttA, is thriving on his international existence with a new no.1 hip hop track ‘The Shake Up’. The song is predominated by his breathless rap rants from the beginning. With groovy and sharp musical bars, it sets the mood for a lovely party and animated spirit. Trauma, despondency, loss, love, and appreciation trigger him to put down his unsettling thoughts into rap verses knitted in the experimental musical notes. ‘Crooked Life’ is another original composition that opens a door to his proactive life and vibrant dreams. With his unique style of singing and articulating words beyond a rap is what makes him so iconic among the teen masses. Find more interesting stories and music releases on his Twitter, Facebook and Instagram handles.

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