Shezi Rosewood has stunned the listeners with his enticing tunes of hip hop and R&B in the song ‘No Sleep’


Shezi Rosewood has dished up the splendid track ‘No Sleep’ in the R&B and hip hop genre. It is an impeccable execution by the Los Angeles Upcoming music artist.

Shezi Rosewood is a well-known personality in the world of music who has joined forces with popular musical icons. He has belted out the stupendous track ‘No Sleep’ in the R&B and hip hop genre that has got a slice of Korean soul music. It is a swashbuckling and immaculate execution by the Los Angeles Upcoming music artist. The very famous lifestyle strategist and the entrepreneur par excellence hail from the USA. He has a production house with state of the art facilities called ‘OU: RS’. He has displayed his multifaceted talent as his brand simultaneously moved into divergent markets as cannabis and fashion. He has received rapturous reviews from media houses like Huffington Post, WSHH, Perez Hilton, and XXL. You can get plugged on to his profiles on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to fetch more information about him.

No Sleep

The fascinating song ‘No Sleep’ by Shezi Rosewood has a hypnotic melody that will flirt with your attention. The absorbing groove will engage you with a touch of swagger. The clap of the beat has got a dash of confidence. He has got together with iconic legends like Waka Flocka, Curren$y, Jim Jones, and Kendrick Lamar. He has also worked as a fabricator for cosmopolitan fashion brands during LA Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week. He has combined with other top-notch brands like Urban Outfitters, FedEx, Adidas, Backwoods, and Coors Light. You can get logged into popular music streaming apps like Soundcloud and YouTube to listen to his tracks.

‘No Sleep’ by Shezi Rosewood: