The Soundscape and Musical Legacy of San Francisco Rapper TroyLLF is a Captivating Musical Stream


The salient essence of the Bay Area and the East Coast hip-hop glory is being beautifully exemplified in the soundscape of artist TroyLLF. Having already established himself as one of the most promising hip-hop sensations of the extant timeline of the genre, he has incorporated his creative wisdom into giving shape to an extraordinary soundscape. He recently came out with the song, ‘Paid Dues’ in collaboration with Big Rich and produced byYoung Devante and ‘Real Eyes Realize’ in a production collaboration with DJ Pain 1 both fromthe album ‘Til Death Do Us Part 2’. The songs have redefined his stature as anartist and also exhibited his creative expanse with some of the best examples of musical and lyrical arrangements.

The San Francisco rapper TroyLLF has already established his profound conviction as an artist with various songs and albums. He has also been part of tours and digital features and opened for artists like DMX, San Quinn, Big Rich, Equipto, Freeway, CyHiThePrynce, and NipseyHussle. TroyLLF or Troy (of Legends Live Forever) also owns the independent label house Legends Live Forever and is associated with 1015 Digital. Some of his songs like ‘It’s On’, ‘We Tried’, ‘Risk It All’, and ‘CFWU’ carry his legacy as an artist here to change the stereotypes of hip-hop. Follow him on Soundcloud, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and be a part of his musical and contemplating journey.

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