The Creative Brilliance of Jonny Sun Quest in the Tracks of ‘April Tracks’ is Breathtaking


Jonny Sun Quest

This is huge; the cinematic ambiance around the tracks crafted by the famous artist Jonny Sun Quest has something genuinely rejuvenating and creatively brilliant about the entire premise. The versatile artist’s skills and the sound design have stormed over the global audience with an instant impact. And, one of his most engaging creations in recent times is the music collection, titled April Tracks. Consisting of 11 awesomely magnificent tracks, this is a now a fan favorite for the fans of the genre. Starting with ‘Madclown’, the collection sets off in great style and captivates the hearts of the audience from the very beginning. The intensity then raises with the tracks ‘Icicles’ and ‘Hungarian Minors’. The enchanting power of the sound effect of these tracks has magnified the impact of the entire arrangement.

Pouring creativity over the presentation, the artist has designed ‘Vapors’, ‘Seven Sandstorms’, ‘Sun Blown’, and ‘Stockholm’ with the utmost attention. The detailed development of these tracks reflects the amount of effort put into the creation. The tracks ‘Cardinal Dream’ and ‘Lullaby’ have held on the majestic musicality of their predecessors. Engineered with thick bars, smooth beats, and enthralling backdrop, these are the standout tracks of Jonny Sun Quest’s creation. The overall impact has reached greater heights with these two tracks and made the collection shine brighter. The tracks ‘Lost Control’ and ‘Kaleidoscope’ have provided the perfect end to the overall collection. Listen to ‘April Tracks’ through SoundCloud and follow the artist.


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