Kingzilla Has Come Up with His New Album ‘THE J.A.K.L.E [The Soundtrack]’



Join the musical ballad with the immensely talented artist KingZiLLa. This artist has showcased his creative talent with all the soundscapes. The profound music and lyrics of the songs have garnered a lot of listeners. He is a prolific drumer who has enriched his songs with instrumental music. The subtle flow of music grows as the song progresses. Along with being a drummer, he is also a music producer too. Apart from giving music he also produces all the brilliant pieces of music. Currently, he is getting a lot of attention with the latest album named THE J.A.K.L.E [the soundtrack] featuring Bro. Blake. This album has generated a buzz among all the listeners with its excellence.

This Nevada Music Producer has established himself as a unique artist in the industry with all outstanding songs. The album ‘THE J.A.K.L.E [the soundtrack]’ has gotten so much recognition for its versatile songs. All of them are very much different than each other. That is why it has reached out to so many listeners. Some songs from this album are, ‘STATE OF THE UNION’, ‘CLOAK & DAGGER THE MASTER REMIX’, ‘FUNNY’, and ‘CODE X ASMIRELDA’. Apart from these, KingZiLLa has given a lot of songs in his career, some of them are ‘POINT BREAK’, ‘OMEN’, ‘LUNA 5’, and ‘FUNNY!’. All his songs are available on SoundCloud. Visit his profile to listen to all the prolific songs. Apart from that, follow him on Instagram and Facebook to get updates on his upcoming projects.

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