Kendrick Lamar’s Rep Declines The Possibility Of His Come Back As They Won’t ‘Appreciate It’





As per the reports of Hot New Hip Hop, the internet has been trying hard to cancel two prominent rappers, J. Cole, and Kendrick Lamar, over the past few weeks. According to the outlet, people have openly criticized the rappers as neither party, J. Cole, nor Kendrick Lamar took active participation in the protests of Black Lives Matter.

However, as per the reports, both the rappers were at the frontline of the protest. The President of Top Dawg Entertainment, Kendrick Lamar’s rep says he won’t be coming back because they won’t ‘Appreciate It’

One of the social media users asked about the return of Kendrick Lamar to the limelight, and to this, the president of the organization, Punch, said that he wouldn’t make his comeback as ‘n*ggas don’t appreciate it’. Fans of the performing artist know the reasons for not being active in the public for a while now.

According to the report of Hot New Hip Hop, the fans do not know about the time of the return of Kendrick Lamar, but according to the rumors, the artist is currently recording something new. The recording was scheduled to be released this year, but with Punch’s tweet in mind, this might not happen.

  1. Cole had face criticism and backlash from the internet after the release of his new track, titled ‘Snow OnTha Bluff’, in which the artists had addressed the Noname’s social activity. As per reports, the rapper doesn’t like her ‘queen-like’ tone and people think that he is being sexist.

Earlier this year, Kendrick Lamar made the news headlines for some other reason, although he wasn’t directly connected to it. French Montana stirred controversy in the hip-hop community after he said that he had more hits than Kendrick, and he would likely be a better performer at a festival.

The remarks made by him didn’t go down well with other members of the community, including Thug, who had spent the days after this incident, feuding with him online.

French Montana expressed massive respect for rapper Kendrick Lamar, describing him as one of the greats of the field, and also terming his albums as ‘masterpieces’.