Few Highlights From The Stages Of 75th Baftas From Jokes To Blue-Yellow Badges



Image Credit – BBC


On February 3rd, the nomination list was published ‘Dune’ the most number of nominations with eleven nominations followed by ‘The power of the Dog’ and ‘Belfast’ with eight and six nominations. And by the end of the show, ‘Dune’ was still the movie with the most number of winners but Benedict starred ‘The power of the Dog’ won in the nomination of the best movie.

And Will Smith bagged the Best Actor in a leading role award for ‘King Richard’ and Joanna Scanlan won the ‘Best Actress in a leading role’ for the movie ‘After Love’.

At the initiation of the show, Krishnendu Majumdar made his opening speech mentioning the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Along with that he also read a message from Ukrainian Film Academy.

And the supremely talented Australian comedian-actor Rebel Wilson did great as a debut host of this award ceremony. The actress has been in the news for her huge weight loss stories; she appeared with the brightest red dress and cracked some one-liners. While some of them landed flat on the surface getting no reaction but she also made some interesting comments that made the evening more interesting.

Wilson said some one-liners like, ‘You guys might be like ‘why is Rebel Wilson hosting the Baftas, isn’t she Australian?’ Yeah, I come from the bush, but if you think about it, don’t we all?’

And she also said, ‘Everyone’s asking me why did I lose weight, well clearly it was to get the attention of Robert Pattinson. Just joking, I did not lose weight for a guy; I did it to get more acting roles.’

She also included jokes about Lady Gaga and Italian accent, Tom Hiddleston and Loki jokes, which got fairly positive reactions from the audience.

While the actress Ariana DeBose, who received one for her role in ‘West Side Story’. Complained about the London by saying, ‘Next time I think I’ll consult the weather report, and perhaps wear a little less fabric?’

Apart from this she also said, ‘Did anybody see what Rachel Zegler’s wearing? Because the two of us together are standing with Ukraine, like seriously, we are reflecting it in color’. Benedict Cumberbatch also wore a yellow blue badge.

Summer of Soul (…Or, When the Revolution Could Not Be Televised) got the best documentary award on the evening. Questlove had an extremely schedule that day he expressed the hurry by saying, ‘I’m going to go straight to the airport [after the Baftas] and tomorrow I have to be at work at The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon’.

The best actress Joanna Scanlan missed the ceremony of this season. She said, ‘Well film and TV are changing, aren’t they? So I guess I’ll be changing with it.’

Adding further, ‘Some of those boundaries are collapsing, and the way we tell stories is changing because of the platforms that we’re receiving those stories through. So I’m just going to go with that flow, ride that wave.’

And the movie ‘Drive My Car’ received the best film, not in the English language.