Upcoming New York RnB Singer Bey Bright Infuses the Strains of Soul and R&B in a Beautiful Stream


The various styles of contemporary soul and R&B in New York RnB singer Bey Bright’s soundscape is a beautiful blend of old and new school musical concepts.

Singer and producer Bey Bright is putting forward a beautiful musical concept that puts together the strains of soul and R&B. He is a solo, independent artist who is dynamic in his approach in composing music that will redefine the flavors of music as a whole. He is the owner and CEO of Bright Vision Entertainment, which is his production house and provides him the space to showcase his versatile aura. The company is based in NYC and Washington, DC that helps him create exposure across the audiences. His soundscape is a compelling mix consisting of songs such as ‘Turning Me On’ that further establishes him as a potential global star in the making. His other songs also include ‘Love Zone’, ‘Body Can’t Lie’, ‘Don’t Stop’, and ‘Vibe’ that have been instrumental in his personal and creative growth.

Independent artist Bey Bright is a New York RnB singer who has also been nominated for a Grammy. This feat stands as a token of acknowledgment and appreciation for his work which he looks forward to nurturing in the coming years. His other song ‘Put Me On (Remix)’ is yet another track that compiles his creative and musical insights into one progression. His EP, Soul Nostalgia 3 is currently under promotion and moving towards a direction of worldwide acceptance. His continuity and resilience prove his potential all throughout the way. Make sure to follow him on Soundcloud, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube to get to know about the various contemporary aspects of soul and R&B like never before.

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