The Groovy Melodies Created by Carolina Music Artist in the Track ‘NVRMND’ is Bound to Make you Sing along



The music industry is blessed with artists from several genres. With a blend of mesmerizing voice and melancholic lyrics, alternative rock music artist from Nashville 6IX LXNER has come up with his new single NVRMND on SoundCloud and Spotify. This particular track is creating a buzz in the music industry. The track has already crossed nearly 6k streams on Soundcloud. The brand new track from the artist truly brings out the best from him as it is the lead-off track for his upcoming EP Deadman Wonderland. The crisp music, loud bass, guitar tunes, and drumbeats make the track one of a kind. The amazing blend of the guitar tunes with the refreshing lyrics in the track makes it a top-notch production and one to admire in the alternative rock genre of music.

This North Carolina rock music artist 6IX LXNER has been winning the hearts of all his listeners and has never failed to live up to the expectations of his fans around the world. Inspired by the lives of the Pixies and the smashing pumpkins, the artist 6IX LXNER is aiming to become a famous face in the upcoming music industry. The energy and enthusiasm that the artist is progressing with are quite evident in his track ‘NVRMND’. His track is available on all the major music-streaming platforms. The artist is always available to interact with his fans on Instagram and never forgets to share his updates as well.

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