Pop Artist O’Neill Fernandes’ New Album ‘Rock ‘N Roll Is King…Ver.2’ Offers a Wonderful Musical Experience


Pop music artist from Perth O’Neill Fernandes presents the iconic songs from the classical age wrapped in his own resonance in the album ‘Rock ‘N Roll Is King…Ver.2’.

Music has a unique healing power that provides strength at the time of your needs. Veteran pop musician O’Neill Fernandes has been recording and producing wonderful musical oscillation in his excellent soundscape. He has been making cover songs of legendary songs from the classical era. His recent album Rock ‘N Roll Is King…Ver.2’ features 20 iconic covers songs from his favorite year 1955. The album is the revitalized version of his original one, ‘Rock ‘N Roll is King’ from 2017. The original album was produced at the time when he was recovering from some major health issues. The fresh new version heightens the same emotion as the previous one through his boundless creative efforts. The cover of ELO’s ‘Rock ‘N Roll Is King’, which is the title track of the album prepares you for the extraordinary rhythmic saga that comes next.

O'Neill Fernandes
O’Neill Fernandes

Being an avid fan of the golden age of music, the pop music artist from Perth shares his emotional journey through hardships in life through his newest album ‘Rock ‘N Roll Is King…Ver.2’. The inspiring energy is the perfect resonance to vibe with if you are going through tough times. The cover songs like ‘Black Is Black (V2)’, ‘A Rockin’ Good Time (V2)’, ‘I Saw Her Standing There (V2)’, ‘I Could Easily Fall In Love With You (V2)’, and more reveals the instrumental skills that separate him from the crowd. O’Neill Fernandes is working on his next project, ‘Let’s Dance….Vol.3’. Follow him on Linkedin, YouTube, and Facebook for more.

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