Fans Of RHOC Are Accusing Vicki Gunvalson To Be Homophobic After The Onscreen Screaming At Braunwyn Windham-Burke



Vicki Gunvalson is again making the headlines after the Season 14 reunion of Real Housewives of Orange County because of the recent ranting and raving against the new star Braunwyn Windham-Burke. Gunvalson seemed to vehemently dislike Windham-Burke’s wild behavior on her first appearance in this season of the show. RHOC – Vicki Gunvalson Responds To Accusations That She’s Homophobic After Windham-Burke shared a kiss with Tamra Judge in front of Bravo cameras in her first season of RHOC .

Gunvalson was angry with such behavior of a newbie and ranted her saying not to do it on camera. It has been 15 years since she formed the show and she stated that over the past years, they never indulged in anything like that, thus they simply do not entertain such behaviors. After the verbal skirmish went viral, the fans started assuming that the 57-year-old star can be homophobic, and it has instigated her to revert against this statement. She even posted a video online wishing everyone to have a healthy and happy new year.

When she has been scandalized far and wide in the internet, she has stood up with her reply saying that in no way she is homophobic. She has got gay and lesbian members in her family and she is not distasteful of them. It is wrong the way the people on social media are portraying her as homophobic as she doesn’t hold any grudges against homosexual people.

Yes she is not in denial that she might have a problem with the new co-star Windham-Burke for kissing her on air, not simply because it might be an appraisal of homosexuality but because as a mother of seven, Vicki Gunvalson finds it inappropriate to make out with someone on TV. She thinks these kinds of things should be done in privacy. It is inappropriate to make out on camera, no matter if it is her husband or with her judge.

The RHOC star goes on saying it is a petty matter that no one should see and she says that she is extremely sorry if her actions have hurt certain people but that was not the truth at all. Though she admits that Windham-Burke ticks her off with whatever she does on the set.

Bravo already has demoted her to a “friend” role for Season 14, whereas, Windham-Burke gets to assign as a full-time cast member. The feud between the two co-stars is getting all fueled up day by day. Recently, Vicki Gunvalson tells that she finds Windham-Burke’s attitude quite disrespectful because she promotes unnecessary kissing and nakedness on the show. To this, the new star of OC, Windham-Burke replied that kissing women would not define her as a classless star.

Kelly Dodd thinks Vicki Gunvalson should throw a fit at the judge as well as it caused severe disagreement amongst the cast of the show. Although Windham-Burke also stated that she is not the boss of her and she will be true to herself. She is willing to show her real self in the show instead her best version because that would be too unreal. She strongly mentioned that she would give her best by showing her trueself and true nature and no one else in the show gets to decide how she should act. After all the controversies, the new episodes of RHOC will be back to Bravo in 2020.