MEC’s Non-toxic – All-Natural Chili Pressure Cookware Takes Chili-Making to a Whole New Level of Healthy – With Recipes


Healthy Chicken Chili in MEC

Learn how MEC makes your favorite chili recipe even tastier—and healthier—with our tips and recipes for the best chili you’ve ever tasted.

(ProNewsReport Editorial):- Dedham, Massachusetts Feb 10, 2022 ( – Who is MEC?

Miriam’s Earthen Cookware (MEC) is a US-based company that makes pots and pans from lab tested primary clay without additives, glazes, or chemicals. Primary clay is the purest form of natural clay: free from contaminants and innately inert. The use of primary clay ensures the pot is 100% non-toxic to food cooking inside. Plus, the earthen far-infrared heat radiating from pure clay cooks gently while keeping even the most delicate nutrients intact.

Different Ways of Making Chili

There are several ways one might want to make chili – beans or no beans, meat or no meat, with or without tomatoes, and so on. Whatever your preference may be, chili can be the pure comfort food that you can enjoy at a family gathering. From the first spoonful, this healthy and nutritious food warms you up from the inside out. When you make it, you can usually either let it simmer for 6-7 hours on a stovetop to preserve & enhance its flavor, or you can have it quick and easy in an instant pot. But is it too much to ask for both flavor & convenience?

And what about the health aspect of cooking chili – in other words, using fresh and organic ingredients and cooking them on low in a non-toxic pot — so nothing comes between you and all the nutrition this savory dish has on offer? Well, you can have it all with non-toxic and all-natural cookware from MEC!

How MEC’s Chili Pressure Cooking is Easier and More Convenient

MEC’s ergonomically designed and uniquely hand-finished cooking pots offer many healthy features for chili-making that the modern pressure cooker can’t. The pot allows steam pressure to build up naturally inside the pot and different ingredients with different cooking times cook together in the same pot. The earthen far-infrared heat penetrates deep into the food and cooks evenly and thoroughly in less time — all on low heat.

What’s more? You can cook all other recipes in the same pot and on any heat source – on gas, electric, or glass cooktop, or inside the oven. You can also use a MEC pot as an insert in your instant pot, although cooking directly on the stove is always healthier and easier. Just incrementally add all ingredients with enough liquid or water, cover the lid, cook on low heat for 5-10 minutes, then cook on medium-low till the food is fully done. This is pretty much how all foods cook in MEC. Isn’t it great?

Healthy & Safe Pressure-Cooking Chili in MEC – Tips & Recipes

When cooking chili in MEC, you don’t need any canned ingredients, which means that there is no aluminum leaching and/or preservatives from the cans in your meal. No added broth is required either: the pot retains so much steam that a natural broth is built up inside — making a thicker chili. All fresh ingredients are cooked from scratch, and the recipe takes an hour and a half! No babysitting the pot is needed, either. You can do your thing while the pot is cooking for you – that’s the power of MEC!

When making this recipe, you can see MEC acting as a natural pressure cooker cooking those beans up, as well as a (fast) slow cooker to cook the meat and spices together in your chili. Here are some delicious chili recipes to try in MEC:

Healthy Post-Thanksgiving Turkey Chili

Healthy, Hearty and Easy Garbanzo Chili (Chana Masala)

5 Chili Recipes (no processed ingredients)

Interested in cooking these quick and easy chili recipes in the healthiest and safest natural pressure cooker? Head over to MEC’s online store and order a pot today!

Nutritious Chili in MECDelicious Chili in MECThick and Savory Chili in MECMEC

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