Feel The Goosebumps On Your Skin With Adam Melrose’s Latest Publication ‘The Determined Widow’


Get through a mysterious and thrilling adventure of unveiling a murder story with Adam Melrose’s latest book ‘The Determined Widow (The Matthew Holland Mystery Series)’.



Churning out the thrilling essence of the mystery novels along with an intriguing story of the investigation, unwavering author Adam Melrose has come up with his latest book, ‘The Determined Widow (The Matthew Holland Mystery Series)’. Just like the title suggests, the subject matter of the book revolves around a widow woman named Bella Stone who appoints detective Matthew Holland to find out the secret behind her husband’s murder. On a mission to unveil the truth, Matthew proceeds with his team for investigation and comes across several twisted situations which reflect that Bella is lying too. Is she the real murderer of her husband? Or the sadistic killer is going to hunt on its next prey? Find out more by purchasing the book on Amazon available in hardcover, paperback, and Kindle editions.

Hailing from Scotland, Adam is one of the most versatile authors who have worked in different fields for the profession and stick to writing due to his indomitable passion. ‘The Determined Widow (The Matthew Holland Mystery Series)’ is the debut book by the author that was published on August 12, 2021. The book offers an ample amount of thrill, mystery, and a blend of emotions that can keep the readers awake till late at night. Have a taste of Adam Melrose’s creative writing skills through his book and official website.

For more info. please visit the link :https://www.amazon.co.uk/Determined-Widow-Matthew-Holland-Mystery-ebook/dp/B09CLFQGMF/