The Effervescent Tunes By D1FF3RENC3 In Multiple Songs From Hip Hop Genres Has Created Ripples All Across



The entrancing beats charted out by D1FF3RENC3 popularly called D1 Official Page has made the audience crazy as they are thrilled to the bit. He has come up with vivacious tracks like GTFOMF (Get The Fuck Out My Face)’, ‘Head Boppin’, ‘We Paid’ that features 42 Dugg and Lilbaby, and ‘Lo Mein x Egg Foo Young’ featuring Liluzivert. These songs by the Philadelphia hip hop artist oozes out the funk. He boasts of owning an up to the minute production house called ‘Paperchasers Entertainment’ with great facilities. His well-known versatility attributes to his dexterity in etching out tracks in genres like trap, hop rock, R&B, and hip hop. The young dapper is mesmerized by music and dishes out some uber-cool stuff and he loves his family as well. One can plug into his Twitter handle to share a nonchalant gabfest.

The number ‘GTFOMF (Get The Fuck Out My Face)’ by the prolific rapper D1FF3RENC3 will make you crazy with its infectious beats. In the track ‘Head Boppin’ there is subtle funk etched out with consummate ease. There is an effortless elegance in the number ‘We Paid’ with chilled vibes. In ‘Lo Mein x Egg Foo Young’ there is a swashbuckling groove. There is an aura of unpredictability about him that sets him apart from his contemporaries. The latest updates in his Instagram handle intensify the curiosity about the life of the singer. Soundcloud is one such music streaming site where you can plug in and listen to his tracks.


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