‘UPFUL’, The Latest Track from Music Artist DJ Ascend is Penetrating the Hearts of the Audience


The compilation of voices from several artists in the track ‘UPFUL’ makes it outstanding. Music artist DJ A$cend is running the show with her brand new track.

Brilliant with her composing and smart with her presentation, electronic music artist DJ A$cend has come up with her brand new track UPFUL which has all the ingredients to stand out at the top. The unique approach made by the artist showcases the clear influence of reggae. The lyrics in between the bass-boosted track make it one of a kind. The voices from several other artists add to the aura of the track. The track has captivated the heart of all the listeners around the world, as tracks of this caliber are rare in today’s music industry. Although the track focuses more on the music and beats, it invites an ear-soothing effect for all the listeners.

Hailing from Los Angeles, Unites States, the artist has been associated with music for a long time and has been coming up with some amazing productions for the last 7 years. The latest track from the artist has given a new dimension to the modern music industry. The rhythmic beats in the track combined with all the instrumentals bring the real essence of reggae. Some of the other works from the prolific artist include tracks like ‘Santosha’, ‘Sonic Scapes for Meditation’, ‘FIRE (Original), and many more. Her latest track ‘UPFUL’ is available for listeners on Soundcloud. Do not forget to follow DJ A$cend on Facebook and Instagram for getting all the latest updates regarding her upcoming releases and more.

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