Fans Get Excited As WWE 2K20’s Season Pass Originals DLC Gets Leaked Ahead Of Its Official Release




Though the fans haven’t got to see much about the gameplay, 2K shared many details about the various modes of WWE 2K20. They haven’t also provided much detail about post-launch DLC. But, WWE 2K20 season pass Originals DLC leaked ahead Of schedule. This unfortunate event gave the fans details of the Originals post-launch DLC of the game’s season pass.

The leak revealed that the 2K Originals DLC pack will consist of expansions named No Man’s Lord, Southpaw Regional Wrestling, and The Empire of Tomorrow.

Southpaw Regional Wrestling is a fictional wrestling promotion that was a part of a WWE YouTube series. Actually, it’s a parody of territorial wrestling days. If you like wrestling in the 70s and 80s era, you will surely love this expansion.

There are rumors that the Empire of Tomorrow DLC expansion may include former champion of WWE Women, Asuka famously known as Empress of Tomorrow and the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns. It is strange to see both of them pairing up, as they had never done anything together on WWE Television. Looking at the past, it can be said that this is not new, as WWE games had previously created their own stories that weren’t based on the television show.

The only expansion that is not clear among the three is that of the No Man’s Land. It might be related to Bray Wyatt or something else. 2K has also revealed that Bray Wyatt, now known as The Fiend will be the centerpiece of the Bump in the Night DLC expansion.

The Bump in the Night DLC is also stated to include Bray Watt’s Fiend Costume and the Demon King version of Finn Balor. Keeping the Halloween season in mind, a horror-based 2K Towers mode will also be included in this expansion.

Just like this expansion, all the leaked former DLC packs will get a place in WWE 2K20’s season pass. You can even purchase them individually by paying $14.99.

The WWE 2K20 is all set to release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch on 22nd October. So, the fans can expect to see 2K’s gameplay and the DLC pack in the coming weeks.