Get to know the advantages and drawbacks before you submit free PR


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Press Release has become one of the most potentially powerful marketing strategies that are availed of by everyone. Regardless of any industry, a PR is capable of engaging people from every industry and niche and provides businesses relevant exposure. Considering its sky-high importance in a business’s growth and popularity, almost every other businessman is looking forward to making promotion through a press release of their particular businesses. PR writing and distribution is one of the most effective services that cost lesser than any other marketing approach such as video marketing and advertisements. However, it requires a legitimate and efficient agency to avail of the service.

Since there are numerous websites providing these services, it gets a little difficult to choose as the question lingers, whom to hire? If you are a beginner in the industry, the best and safest option is to submit free PR and see how it works. Before hiring any service, let’s take a better look at the advantages and drawbacks of free press releases.

  • Advantages

Completely Free

It is a completely free service and requires no money to avail of it. Free service allows all kinds of business owners to grab this opportunity as it does not require any investment. It is a perfect deal for small-scale business owners, startup companies, and emerging indie artists.

Multiple Options

A simple search on the search engine with the keyword ‘Free PR’ can show plenty of websites available on the web which are waiting for clients. You are free to choose any of them or a few of them without worrying about the expenses. However, proper research should be done beforehand to assure the website’s authenticity.

Aggressive Promotion

Free PRs allows user to make aggressive and consecutive promotional campaigns for more exposure. In case of a product launch or service launch or any event that often occurs, free PR helps to make a promotion in each case. It works like call-to-action content that immediately brings engagement right before the event. If you are looking for a series of promotions, free PR is a great catch.

  • Drawbacks


PR distribution is the most vital part of the whole promotion as it spreads the SEO approaches across all over the world through potential customers and online readers. Free PR websites are often not affiliated with a larger network which makes the promotion quite weak sometimes. Even if the content is distributed, there is no guarantee it will be published on a relevant platform where potential customers will gather.

Lack of Professionalism

Since it is a free service, it is better not to expect much as most websites distribute the content on some limited platforms. There is a lack of professionalism as there is no one monitoring the campaign and it gets really difficult to know whether everything is running well. Some of the websites also lack a 24×7 chat support system that can guide the users. It is vain to accept any detailed analytical repost as well.


Free PR has a lot of advantages and drawbacks as well. Now that you are aware of both sides of a coin, choose what fits your budget, requirement, and avail of the best service.