5 Important Tips to Follow When Choosing The Best Free PR Service for Your Business


Free PR service

As an effective marketing tool, press releases can help your business become more visible and approachable to the target audience. You can easily highlight the best aspects of your products or services at the same time positioning them in the leading position in the market. Press releases are vastly popular for certain qualities, especially for being extremely cheap compared to other advertising methods.

If being budget-friendly is one of the reasons why you are going for press releases, then you have come to the right place. Press releases are not only affordable but can be totally free. Yes, you read right! You can distribute your press free of cost by submitting it to a free PR service. Though most free press release distribution services are filled with ads and spam, there are many PR agencies that offer quality PR distribution services for free. Here are some tips to select the best free press release distribution service for your company:

1. Credible

The best way to find a free press release agency is by searching on Google. First, make a list of all the free PR sites that you can find. Nest research about them to find out whether they are trustworthy. Go through their reviews on various online platforms to know about their customers’ experiences. Make sure they have good customer support. So that you can get your queries answered anytime you face problems.

2. Offers PR distribution to relevant media

Just because you are using free pr distribution, that does not mean you get poor press release distribution. Eliminate the free PR agencies from your list that offer distribution to insignificant media outlets and websites. Check which media outlets your PR company distribute to. Make sure these outlets are popular among your target audience and relevant to your industry.

3. Targets the right audience

The main objective of a press release is to reach the target audience through ample press coverage from major media outlets. When you select your ideal free PR service find out how they plan to reach the right audience for you. Are the media outlets they distribute well-known to your consumers and investors? Learn if the websites they publish your press release visited by your niche audience.

4. Spam-free

If you have been looking for a good free PR agency, you may have encountered many websites that are filled with ads. These sites are useless when it comes to effective press release distribution. The safest option is to go for a paid service that offers free PR distribution as well with some limitations. With their service, you can rest assured you will get an effective PR campaign for your brand.

5. Boost online visibility

Another major purpose of press release issuing is boosting your online visibility. If increasing your brand’s visibility is your priority, you should choose a PR company that publishes your story on numerous websites and media outlets. An added SEO boost provided by the company is also helpful at increasing your rank in search results of your target audience.
Employing a free PR service is effective as you can invest your marketing budget in your product development. Keep the above-mentioned points in mind while selecting your ideal PR distribution service.