Lifewit launched its Drawer Organizers that support Americans to address “Cleaning Black Hole”


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(ProNewsReport Editorial):- Dover, Delaware Mar 23, 2022 ( – To help people create a clean and organized life, Lifewit has introduced 2 drawer storage sets to provide solutions for getting rid of clutter drawers.

According to the report from yahoo, junk drawers have become full-blown “cleaning black holes” for most Americans. As most people struggle to keep small things like makeup organized, especially things they use every day. In a survey of 2,000 people living in the United States, 88% of respondents admitted to having at least one “junk drawer” full of knick-knacks.

Clutter drawers only hamper one’s ability to make life better and there are at least 3 reasons to eliminate them forever.
1. Cluttered drawers cause laziness: They allow one to just throw stuff in instead of taking time to take care of it.
2. Cluttered drawers make it easy to ignore: People often naturally put something away in a drawer and then leave them behind.
3. Cluttered drawers can make people nervous: A 2010 study showed that people who feel they live in a chaotic environment have elevated levels of cortisol in their brains, indicating that they are under high stress.
Just as Amanda Warfield said, “the junk drawer is where all of your good intentions about getting organized go to die.”

Content about drawer storage, such as blogs and videos, floods the Internet. Ironically, instead of relieving people’s stress, this has led them to a new dilemma of “Information overload”. With this in mind, Lifewit has identified some key products to support people in keeping things arranged.

Lifewit 4 PCS Drawer Underwear Organizer
For those struggling to find panties or bras in a messy drawer or closet in a rush to get ready, Lifewit has created the Lingerie Drawer Organizer, which is ideal for storing underwear, socks, scarves, and other personal items.

The closet organizer set has 4/6 different sizes of storage boxes to help keep items organized and sorted for your convenience. It includes a 6-cell underwear/panties organizer, a 7-cell bra organizer (suitable bra cup: A-C), a 24-cell sock organizer, an 8-cell scarf organizer, and 2 extra stand-alone compartments for other items.

Foldable design with a smooth zipper at the bottom, the dresser organizer is very easy to set up and can be folded back to save space instantly when not in use.

Lifewit 25 PCS plastic organizers for drawers
Designed to fit a variety of drawers from vanity, bathroom, bedroom to kitchen and desk. These versatile storage bins are perfect for organizing miscellaneous items, like cosmetics, makeup tools, jewelry, stationeries, utensils, and more.

Lifewit understands that with a fast-paced lifestyle, people have little time or energy to keep their drawers organized. The set comes in 4 different sizes and can fit in drawers to create separate areas for different items. The user just simply puts what they use back into the right container and everything stays as it is.

The organizer set is made of high-quality polystyrene plastic suitable for long-term use.

Simply wipe gently or rinse quickly with water will remove dust and dirt from the drawer organizer, keeping it clean for all time.

For more information about Lifewit’s storage product, click here.

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Saxbe D, Repetti RL. For better or worse? Coregulation of couples’ cortisol levels and mood states. J Pers Soc Psychol. 2010 Jan;98(1):92-103. DOI: 10.1037/a0016959. PMID: 20053034.

Create space with your own paceCreate space with your own pace

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