Adding Images & Video to Your Press Release would Higher the Chances of Exposure


Currently, everyone is aware that a press release is the most effective promotional tool that can engage a business with immense exposure. But over time, the strategies of making a press release get changed. Trying out different things in PR can be very beneficial for everyone. Nowadays a new strategy has been introduced. The professionals are recommending adding video and photos to the write-up to make it even more appealing. It is a completely different way of presenting compared to the previous method.

Adding Images & Video to Your Press Release

This new technique is helping out everyone and making the process more quirky and rapid to draw the attention of the customers. If you are a new entrepreneur and want to use a press release to promote your work then adding images & video to your press release can be immensely helpful. As it is a very new strategy that has been adopted that is why a lot of people don’t know why they should use it.  The main reasons to use it are –

• Gather attention:

With the result of some previous years, it is seen that only a write-up is not sufficient enough to grab the attention of the customers anymore. Even when you make the press release informative and attractive the customers are not paying much attention and the goal of creating is being unfulfilled. In this case, adding media is a much better option to magnetize the people. This digital strategy is more engaging and helpful. This also opens up a lot of opportunities. It works like a digital asset that can be used for advertising, campaigning, newsletters, and much more. Press releases without an image have become very hard to reach audiences.

• Portrait the worth:

An image assists in various ways in a press release. A picture adds a lot of traits to the writing. It is a great medium to convey a perception of the company. From this feature, a customer could gather an idea of the company and its services. Along with all these, it also helps to make your press release visually stunning. Putting up the original photos of the organization would help to build trust in the company. It would be even more convenient if you add a short and crisp caption under the photo to make it even more attractive. These few tips can be very much supportive.

• Use video to enhance the PR:

With each passing day, people are getting exploring more features of a video as a media in the press release. It is an ever-changing media that everyone is trying to adapt to. Having the video embedded within the PR adds more elements that make it more approaching. This helps to express better and make a good connection with the potential customers. This multimedia technique is the most helpful one in the current market.

• Do branding with images instead of logos:

Now images work better than the logos. Try to keep the logos minimum while sharing multimedia. This old technique has almost lost its effectiveness. A company can be recognized with its logo but in a press release, it doesn’t work like that. Logos all over the write-up looks weird and abrupt and they can be easily replaced with the relevant photo of the company. Other than that, adding too many logos can also be discouraging. The best perk of incorporating an image in the press release is that the readers or the potential customers would get a pre-idea of the organization.

Along with all these adding pictures to the press release can make it –

1. Eye-catchy to the audience
2. More approachable
3. With the use of it, the reach of PR gets larger

These are the benefits that can be achieved by using images and videos in the press release. This multimedia technique is making it more approaching to grab the attention of the customers. If you want to take complete advantage of a press release then use the relevant images and videos in your press release and present it uniquely. Along with that, it is seen that a press release becomes 7 times more effective with its multimedia features. So, try out these features to get the maximum amount of exposure.