Patrick Kogler reveals how successful people think


What makes successful people successful? How do they think and act and what differs them from unsuccessful people? The 26-year-old entrepreneur, success coach, and branding expert Patrick Kogler will provide us with some answers today. We meet the young businessman after an important meeting in London and talk to him about his recipe for success.

1. Hello Patrick, nice that you have found some time between your meetings to talk with us. You are still very young. How long have you been self-employed?

With pleasure. At the age of 18, I made the decision to start my own business because I just wanted to make more out of my life and I always wanted to be my own boss. I guess I succeeded very well.

2. Was it always easy for you or were there some stumbling blocks on your way?

No, it was not always easy for me. I had a lot of setbacks, lost a lot of money and I often had to start from zero again. But what distinguishes me, and other long-term successful people is perseverance. I never gave up and always worked hard for my dreams. That’s why, after 8 years in the business, I can proudly say that it works very well for me.

3. How do successful people think?

Successful people think extremely clear and focused. If they want to reach a goal, they not only try it but stay tuned until they make it or until it is 100% clear that it will not work. If their plan does not work out, they never waste time but move on immediately. Staying power, as I mentioned, is extremely important.

4. Why do so few people have indurance? What are the reasons for that?

Unfortunately, there are too many people today who can not keep themselves motivated for a long time. Either their belief in themselves is too weak to implement planned things or their suffering is not big enough to really change something in their lives.

5. Is it important to find a why/ purpose?

Yes, this is very important! You should know clearly why you want to be successful. It’s not that hard these days, you just have to want it. If you start your search you will find a lot of tools and strategies on the internet.

6. What tips can you give us now?

Leave your comfort zone! Do it consciously once a day and do things that scare you. This will strengthen your self-confidence. Create personal success stories every day; they will keep you motivated. Also, get a clear mindset and keep your goals in focus. And one thing is also very important: find a mentor! A person who is already where you want to go and from whom you can learn how to do it.

7. Successful people are supposed to make very quick decisions. What do you say? Is that correct?

That’s definitely true! I remember it very well when I learned to make quick decisions back then. You can use a simple principle or technique here. Take a piece of paper and draw a line in the middle. On the left side you write down the things that speak for this decision and on the right side the things that speak against it. So you can find a decision quite fast. It is also important not to make the decision completely rationally but also to listen to your gut feeling and your intuition.

8. What’s the Monkey Mind? What is it all about?

Monkey Mind means that you constantly think about how something could be or how something was in the past. So you are always busy with thinking and never in the here and now. Instead of that, try to have really clear and focused thoughts. Because the biggest enemy of your future success is when you are too much minded and too little in the here and now to do the things which are important for you to get ahead on your way

9. These were very insightful and helpful tips from you! Thanks for the interesting conversation, dear Patrick! Where can we find you on the internet, to find out more about you and your work?

Thank you! It was a pleasure for me! You can find me either on my website or on Instagram under pkogler18 and Facebook under Patrick Kogler.