Prevention Efforts and Youth Recovery Services at Tarzana Treatment Centers Supports Teens in Crisis Post-Pandemic


Finding Help for Youth in Crisis at Tarzana Treatment Centers

With the opioid epidemic fueled by fentanyl and heroin use, and mental health challenges rising after the COVID-19 pandemic, TTC celebrates its 50th Anniversary by providing much-needed support for youth and their families.

(ProNewsReport Editorial):- Los Angeles, California May 23, 2022 ( – Tarzana Treatment Centers Alert: As the opioid epidemic continues to worsen at the tail end of the COVID-19 pandemic (we hope), Tarzana Treatment Centers, Inc. (TTC) shines an emergency spotlight on youth in crisis. Indeed, TTC underscores the critical role of prevention efforts and youth treatment services for substance use disorders and mental health challenges. Moreover, did you know that many of the youth residential treatment programs shut down during the pandemic?

Located in California in Tarzana and Antelope Valley, TTC Youth and Family Services offers whole-person recovery services for teens in crisis. For fifty years, TTC has been at the forefront of recovery services and integrated healthcare in Southern California. Thus, we know when a problem is out of control. In the harsh glare of fentanyl contamination and heroin abuse, too many young lives are being lost. By treating the whole person, TTC addresses the problem beyond teenage experimentation and recklessness.

Youth Prevention Groups and SUD Recovery Awareness 

At all levels of care, youth prevention groups and SUD recovery awareness generate positive outcomes. Whether it is a school presentation focused on stopping youth from experimenting with drugs or a community-based meeting about relapse prevention, the goal is the same. By providing education and support, the clinical staff at Tarzana Treatment Centers help prevent SUD problems from hijacking young lives.

A perfect example of TTC’s prevention efforts was the Tobacco-Free Champions Kick-Off & Wellness Event before the pandemic in Reseda, CA. There is no doubt that tobacco is a gateway drug for teenagers. Thus, from dance performances and drum circles to local food offerings and a Nicotine Anonymous panel, the event offered healthy alternatives to tobacco use.

Indeed, the goal of preventing youth drug experimentation must be more than just saying no. With a focus on alcohol use and marijuana use, alternatives to these easily accessible drugs are a priority. In addition, awareness is raised about the danger of the medicine cabinet and the abuse of prescription drugs in the home.

Youth Prevention Groups and Mental Health Recovery Awareness 

Moreover, youth prevention efforts also focus on youth mental health. By learning the symptoms and signs of various mental health conditions, youth become able to recognize a problem before it worsens. Moreover, TTC emphasizes role modeling for a successful future. Therefore, youth prevention efforts foster a sense of hope. Such positivity is sustainable by shifting a young person’s mindset towards health and well-being.  

TTC also focuses on helping parents help their kids. For example, Youth Mental Health First Aid (YMHFA) is a free training offered to community members. A TTC team trains professionals, as well as parents and caregivers, on how to identify, understand and respond to signs of mental health issues and substance use disorders in youth. Such training for adults fosters the skills needed to make a difference. 

The 50th Anniversary of Providing Quality Treatment Services at TTC

Marking our 50th anniversary of providing integrated healthcare services, Tarzana Treatment Centers underscores the critical importance of helping youth in crisis. Post-pandemic, too many teenagers and young people are self-medicating with drugs and experiencing mental health issues. It is our role to raise awareness, spread the message of prevention, and offer the help needed to find a path to long-term recovery.  


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The Opioid Epidemic is a National Plague of Overdoses and AddictionFreedom from Drug Use for Youth Leads to Success at Tarzana Treatment Centers

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