Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Gets A New Addition Of Maple’s Autumn Cookie



The free to play social simulation game from the Animal crossing series was released back in 2017 for both iOS and Android devices and now it is celebrating fall with some exciting new additions.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp introduces Maple’s Autumn Cookie to spice things up. The game previously used to let the player engage in small tasks, help commerce and decorate the living spaces. Now in addition to that, Maple will be introduced as a resident and provides little fortune cookies along with some cute cosmetics to adorn the character and your camp.

Players have their avatar and take care of their campsite by gathering materials from the surrounding areas to trade for furniture. They can further build up their community by befriending their neighboring animal characters.

Bringing other players and animals to your campsite will reward the player with additional resources and a fried for accompanying.

Maple has an interesting character and one crafted she will stay for long. The costume she brings makes the character look like an autumn fairy and even decorate the cabin with fall color and forest sweets. You can also travel to Sunburst Island, Saltwater Shores and market place to buy clothing for your avatar. Leaf tickets are used as a microtransaction currency to craft without materials.

If the ager gets a lucky cookie, they will get a chance to avail a special memory starring Maple, Snake, and Penelope. Along with this, there are many other amazing additions like Giant Cosmos, a thicket of reeds, a corn chair, and an autumn fairy dress.

The Game News has excited every fan of Animal Crossing and they can pick up maple’s autumn cookie until December 14, 11.59pm.