Get Ready To Catch Turtwigs, As The Pokemon Go’s Next Community Day Gets A Date



Pokemon Go’s next event gets its release date. Pokemon Go next Community Day is scheduled to be held on 15th September, from 11 am to 2 pm, local time. It is the perfect chance for gamers to catch Turtwig and also get connected with their local Pokemon community.

As stated by Niantic, players who will transform Grass/Ground-type Pokemon Turtwig into Toterra, during this event, will get the opportunity to earn the special move Frenzy Plant. Many other features, such as 3X Stardust and 4-hour Lures will also be added, only for the day.

In lieu of 25 candies, Turtwig will evolve into Gortle, and for 100, it will evolve into Torterra. It is the perfect chance for players to catch small turtle-shaped Pokemon, as it will be rapidly wandering around the event.

The well-rounded Pokemon, Turtwig has a maximum CP of 1066, which is higher, compared to any Gen 1-3 Grass starter. This well-balanced feature of Turtwig will only get better as the game progresses. Turtwig is always well-balanced, irrespective of its form.

The buddy distance is quite similar to the starters of the other generations, that is 3km. Fans have expected that Turtwig will have a maximum Egg CP of 609 and can be hatchable from a distance of 5km. Considering the buddy nature, this fact puts it way above many other starters.

As Turtwig is a grass-type Pokemon, it can get boosted with Sunny Weather and can be encountered in the wild up to level 35. Players need to focus on Turtwig’s CP if they come across a boosted one. The CP ranges from a minimum of 776 to a maximum of 990.

It is not known now, whether Turtwig will have its shiny variant in Pokemon Go or not. It has the ability of hardening soil on its back while drinking water. Turtwig lives along the side of lakes and a moist shell indicates that the Turtwig is healthy.

As a trainer, you need to be careful about the water-type Pokemon, as when Turtwig finally evolves into Torterra, it becomes ground-type. This is the best chance for the players to gain Torterra, as during this event the spawn rate will be pretty high compared to other days.