Ubisoft is Apparently Launching Highly Anticipated Game Of 2020, Watch Dogs: Legion in The Second Half Of Forthcoming Year



Watch Dogs: Legion is one of the high in demand games of 2020. It is an action-adventure game developed by Ubisoft Toronto planning to come out next year. It gathered wholesome attention of gamers worldwide as it is one of the most awaited action-adventure game in a decade. But for now, Ubisoft Is Moving the Release Date of Watch Dogs: Legion Back Game till the second half of 2020.

According to Ubisoft, the main problem with the previous release date of the game is that the developers have failed to finish changes within the given deadline. Sources from an investor call, it is understood that this pushback is not only happening with just Watch Dogs: Legion but also other legendary games like Gods and Monsters and Rainbow Six Quarantine. Yves Guillemot — the CEO of Ubisoft, speaks on this matter of delay saying that some of their games are poorly developed and have been slammed badly by the game lovers. Thus taking these feedbacks seriously, the whole development team of Ubisoft is working day and night.

This was the scenario with their previous game Ghost Recon Breakpoint which got hyped and trended like anything in the beginning. But, ultimately it earned mixed reviews with a majority of negative feedbacks. According to Guillemot, the reason behind this can be simply that their games have been released too close together. Some of the major features are not developed properly and yet they released the games before they were even ready to play.

Ubisoft is trying everything to fix all the issues with Watch Dogs: Legion and sets their releases date in the second half of 2020 for giving the fans a greater experience. It can be disappointing for the fans that have been waiting for this to come out for a while. But it is worth waiting for as the developers of the game are putting their all efforts to design it so that the fans can have their moment after all this waiting. The fans that have been playing this series from the beginning can surely stall a little for a better experience with this action-adventure game to be released in 2020.

The pressure, the developers are under is huge yet this hurdle has a bright side to this chaotic situation. They are taking the story in a different direction with an edge of boldness in it with the number of NPCs you’ll be able to control. The new character will have limitless options and the developers are ironing out all of the details within the taken time.

The little time of waiting will do no harm to the players of the game. Enthusiastic players are ready to wait that long for smoother gameplay and a unique storyline. The developers are trying their best to upgrade the level of the gameplay to serve what they have promised to the fans since the beginning.

Meanwhile, the fans can revive the nostalgia by revisiting the first two series of the song before they jump onto the third sequel of the series to get more engaged with the whole plot.