Minecraft Dungeons New Update The Jungle Awakens DLC Is Now Available With Some Striking Changes






As known to all that Minecraft Dungeons is a highly popular video that has broken Animal Crossing’s three month run of being number one on the Nintendo Switch eShop. Minecraft Dungeons which is a dungeon crawler type game is available on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and also Xbox One. This is the game where the player’s Unite, Fight, and also Survive through various dungeons with having up to four players, which can thereby connect using Online or in-person co-op.

Minecraft Dungeons has shared its count of bugs, and these bugs include bosses who are not spawning to even out the game by randomly crashing under normal game play. A 2GB patch has been reportedly released by Mojang Studios for the game to fix these issues and bugs.

Minecraft Dungeons Releases The Jungle Awakens DLC And Some Significant Changes. This is the first DLC pack that has been released for the Minecraft Dungeons and is available on July 1st.

This particular pack offers three new missions that reportedly take the players to the heart of the Jungle. When they reach the Jungle, the players can find new and some fantastic weapons, armor, and also some artifacts which the players will then have to use to fight out against the Leapleaf and the Whisperer.

After this, the players shall then have to fight against the beast called the Jungle Abomination which further leads with the players to restore balance to the Jungle. The players will also get the opportunity to unlock a new mission in the Lower Temples and discover new loot.

All the new updates contribute some significant changes to the game and these changes include changes that have been made to the enchantments in the game. The exploding has subsequently increased the explosion radius by 50%, Fire Aspect has been updated to do 100% more damage, the Poison Cloud does 50% damage, and the Thundering enchantment does 25% more damage.

This patch seems to do more than just change and more than just enchantment. The Pets in the game will now have less total HP bit shall have the damage reduced by 50%, and also their attack damage does 10% more damage.

Various other mobs get some changes as well and these mobs include Llama, Iron Golem, and other mobs. Further, in addition to the mobs, various weapons will get a change as well. These weapons include the Soul Knife, Soul Scythe, Soul Bow, and even the Corrupted Beacon has received significant changes.

The changes for the Corrupted Beacon include an increased beam radius from 150 units to 200 units and the damage has been increased by 100%.

However, if the players are planning to buy the Hero edition of Minecraft Dungeons or the Hero Pass Upgrade, then this particular pack is now available for download, and they should now start with playing the new DLC.