Royalty Surprises The Fans Of Chris Brown With Her Groovy Spin Moves




It is undoubtedly true that an entertainer and performer like Chris Brown are hard to find these days. It seems that his daughter has also acquired some of his entertaining skills through heredity, recently Chris Brown’s Daughter Royalty Gets Her First ‘Boo Boo’ While Dancing Like Her Dad. Both of them are seen being dancing and singing.

However, it’s a misfortune that talent comes with hard work and hard work leads to accidents sometimes. This process binds everyone and currently, little Royalty is going through that.

While trying to perform some of her dad’s spinning moves she injured herself badly.

Gracefully, it’s not that serious and the good thing is her mother, Nia Guzman, who looks after Royalty’s social media account posted a couple of pictures of her making an endearing pouty face facing the camera, on her forehead can be visible.

Along with the photos, there’s Royalty’s explanation where she has written that this was her first boo boo experience, she also mentioned that one day she will spin like her daddy.

However, the Band-aid didn’t cover her whole face but only on her forehead and thus her yellow smiley face can be visible.

The child is so impressive and skillful that it can be estimated that one day she will learn and perform ger dad’s steps with ease.

It seems Chris has loved this post and especially the spectacular performance of her daughter as she reacted love to this post.

Some of Chris’s fans and supporters went gaga after viewing this post as they showed their love and empathy for the young charming girl in the comment section. The best of all, one commenter insisted her to stay fit and positive like her daddy.

It seems a new Band-aid trend will start if this post of Royalty goes viral.