Melbourne Rnb Pop Artist Xena East Dictates Her Grip on RnB with a Trail of Emotional and Sensual Songs


Xena East

Fans are currently provided with a plethora of artists who with their vocal talents have satisfied the R&B genre. But amid the turbulence and overabundance of artists, there is one name that keeps popping up whenever one speaks of melody and honesty.  Xena East has rightfully claimed her stake as one of the most genuine and emotional singers who with her melodious voice has laid out all her emotions on the table. The Melbourne RnB Pop artist mourns the loss of a relationship in the most brutally honest way possible while striving for peace in her life. The songwriting in her songs easily resonates with the audience due to its transparency. The half Chinese half Vietnamese singer-songwriter has released some fine tunes driven with her confident singing that paints a vivid picture of her pain and heartbreak.

Few such songs are Be Your Girlfriend’,Can’t You See’, ‘Tornado – Jay Chou (English Cover)’, and ‘Only Girl’. Stephanie Laurens aka Xena East marinades the songs with her honeyed vocals and entrancing lyrics that make for a perfect listen for anyone going through emotional turmoil. The elasticity in her singing and the attempt to bring out the best with each song has resulted in some high quality soft and touching R&B, pop songs. With an IQ of 185, the singer also operates a school and is a dog psychiatrist who is here to give hope to all the broken souls out there. Listen to her fantastic singing on YouTube, and follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for more details.

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