KILLA JV has Executed Sheer Class and Dexterity With Panache in his Recent Rap Number ‘PLAYBOY MANSION’


Effortless cool vibes with a laid back approach are the forte of the brilliant rapper KILLA JV. He has created a lot of fan frenzy with his latest offering PLAYBOY MANSION’ that features the gifted JOHNNY DEHN. It is an immaculate show laid out gracefully by the California rapperHe also boasts of owning a terrific avant-garde production house called ‘NO NAME JV’ that has futuristic facilities. He has belted out relatable tracks with a dash of reality that has made him the cynosure of his fans. The fans can catch up with his shared posts by logging on to his Facebook profile. The audiences are very eager to know about his queued up ventures and for that, they plug into his Instagram handle.

In the vivacious number ‘PLAYBOY MANSION’ by the splendid rapper KILLA JV there is a rhythmic looping. He has been here in the rapping scene for the last five years and has not disappointed his fans a bit with his enormous contribution. He is very fond of his unique lifestyle and this gives him the steam to perform with utmost authenticity. The uplifting number has engaged innumerable listeners from all corners of the globe and made him the popular rap star that he is. A gabfest with the singer is always on the cards as the fans plug into his Twitter handle to share friendly banter. To listen to the sensational numbers by the singer, one can plug into popular music streaming apps like Soundcloud.

Please visit here to listen this song ‘PLAYBOY MANSION’ by KILLA JV :