‘SHOES’, the New Single by New Jersey Dancehall Artist MAGA HUNDRED Is Zestful and Energetic


MAGA HUNDRED is one talented musician who has never shied away from delivering dynamic music. Listen to the New Jersey Dancehall Artist’s ‘SHOES’ on SoundCloud.

Maga Hundred

Are you a fan of energetic and lively composition that immediately makes you want to get into the dancefloor? Then your search ends here as this is a new addition to your dance playlist, SHOES’. The track is released by the profoundly talented musician MAGA HUNDRED who is known for his nature of taking artistic risks. The artist has shown his talent for composing a track that can make his listeners dance the night away. The upbeat, groovy musical beats of the composition are an ensuring component in the song’s success and journey toward becoming the most-streamed track in his discography.

The song has been getting not just domestic but international appreciation and breaking borders to reach his international audience. Increasing his audience reach with every release, the New Jersey Dancehall Artist has proved that he is here to stay for the long run with this release. Apart from the bright composition, the soul of the track is definitely the artist’s powerful vocals that elevate the song to a whole new level. Carrying all the authentic elements of the Dancehall music genre, the artist has also shown enormous artistic growth through this song. You can listen to his composition along with his other releases, ‘NEW SPACE SHIP (raw)’, ‘WITHOUT YOU (raw)’, ‘BODY LIKE A DOLLY’, ‘FOCUS’, etc. on SoundCloud, Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube. For more updates, follow him on Instagram.

Listen to ‘SHOES’ by the New Jersey Dancehall Artist MAGA HUNDRED: