The Newest Star in the Scene, ‘The Sloth Mixtape’ by Caine Oth Presents the Finest Numbers of his Career


Caine Oth

Music is one of those art forms that is loved and admired by all. And hip hop is music’s most popular genre that has spread its reach across the world after being invented in the streets of New York. The genre is the witness of talents of many artists, such as the newest gem in the scene Caine Oth. His vocal charm has earned vast popularity in just a matter of time. Utilizing his incredible creative artistry, the Las Vegas rapper Caine Oth has dropped a new bomb, The Sloth Mixtape’ on major streaming platforms recently. The mixtape has a total of 14 original hip hop and rap bangers featuring his unparalleled rap verses and electrifying acoustic experience. The songs have already given him an instant and ultimate popularity boost.

The gifted artist has a massive fan following for his continuous flow of hit rap numbers released under The Oth entertainment. His newest release, ‘The Sloth Mixtape’ has the fans going crazy with excitement. ‘Rage Intro’ opens up the mixtape with his patent aggression igniting a fire in the hearts of the listeners. The tracks like, ‘L.A. Poetry’, ‘Outside’, ‘Time For That Skit’, ‘Rover Muzik’ and more are bound to give you chills. The tonal majesty in the songs sets him apart from the contemporary crowd. Caine Oth and his latest mixtape have the potential of giving the top rappers in the scene a run for their money. Avail his songs on SoundCloud and YouTube and follow him on Facebook for more news.

Listen to the tracks of ‘The Sloth Mixtape’, check out the given below link: