Actor Lori Loughlin Released After A 2 Month Stint In Prison Following The National College Admission Scam


Image Credit – Global News


Actor Lori Loughlin of ‘Full House ‘ fame was released from prison this Monday after spending two months in prison. She was sentenced for bribing half a million dollars to officials for getting her two daughters admitted to college.

She was in the federal lockup in Dublin, California, and was released on Monday. She was one of the accused in her role in the national college admissions bribery scam and was sent to prison owing to this. The news of her release was confirmed by the federal Bureau of Prisons. Her husband, Mossimo Giannulli who is a fashion designer is also serving a five-month prison sentence in Lompoc in the outskirts of Santa Barbara, California.

Both Lori and her husband were supposed to report to their respective prisons on 19th November initially. However, the defense attorneys and prosecutors agreed to extend her sentence initiation date to October 30. According to the prosecutors of the case, the actor also agreed on the terms that she would not request early release due to the global coronavirus scare.

According to the Bureau of Prisons, her husband’s release date is set on April 17.

The celebrity couple is one of the many high-profile defendants who were charged in the case. This breakthrough case also revealed the extent of wealthy parents’ desire to get their children into the top universities in the country.

The couple had admitted back in May that they paid $500,000to to get both their daughters into the renowned University of Southern California under the quota of crew recruits even though none of them was a rower. The guilty plea came as a surprise a year after their lawyer insisted that the couple was innocent. The lawyer also accused investigators of formulating evidence against the couple.

The only public comment that came from either of the couple regarding the case was only during their sentence hearings in August since they were arrested last year. Lori further told her judge that her actions prompted an aggravation in the existing inequalities that persist in society. She added that she is willing to do anything that would extract something good out of her experience.

The couple’s younger daughter is social media influencer Olivia Jade who made her first public remarks about her parents’ scandal only this month on Jada Smith’s series, ‘Red Table Talk’. On the show, she shared that she is not looking for nor does she deserve pity from critics.

Olivia admitted on behalf of her parents, sister, and herself, and pledged for a second chance. She said that she realized this mess up long ago but restricted herself from talking about it publicly because of legal issues.

The case identified nearly 60 parents, coaches, and other people who were charged. Amongst them, about a dozen of them are still fighting against the allegations. The sentences range from a few weeks to nine months.