Gifted Pittsburgh Based Upcoming Artist S1yKillRyuk Comes Back With a New Music Release ‘Back Of The Truck’


The proud Pittsburgh based upcoming artist S1yKillRyuk withstands the phony controversies with the new music release ‘Back Of The Truck’ wired with subjective rap flow.

The new hip hop rapper S1yKillRyuk has built a huge rap empire on his own. The music release of Back Of The Truck’ has been proved a major distinction in his career. The Pittsburgh based upcoming artist has become one of the fastest-growing influences on the hip hop market. He sets a solid footing in the global hip hop industry with the new song that describes his constant hustle to set up a musical identity. It is brutal, honest, and experimental in its way giving him a scope to furnish a long-lasting success in the evolving music space. He gives out an eccentric rap flow with breathtaking high bass work without compromising his judicious opinions. He incorporates a mixed bag of feelings in the verses with upgraded sound engineering. Slay your mopey feelings with the dramatic hooks and flawless rap verses that embolden the listeners to make their destiny.


S1yKillRyuk becomes the light in the darkness for hip hop hustlers because he upholds the story of every generation in the new song ‘Back Of The Truck’. The sly anecdotes in it charge up the listeners with a positive spirit. With the blissful keys and thick drops, it will take you on an unreal journey to forget about your life’s melancholic shadows. The synth-soaked grooves with vital hip hop rhythms make you float in a hypnotic space. The clever approach with his forte of using brevity in his favor demands attention from hip hop lovers all around the world. Get more groovy songs in his upcoming projects. Till then follow him on Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram.

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