CAINE OTH Makes Headlines Yet Again With His New Powerful Record ‘12. Paper’


Enlisting himself as a fresh new artist in the block, rapper CAINE OTH is set to achieve all great things in the genre with his musical abundance. The talented and dynamic Las Vegas rapper is driven with an invincible spirit to stay ahead in the rap game and has been grinding hard to shine out in the crowded music space. His rap edge and contemporary vocal style are far much polished than the rest and the rapper uses it efficiently to engage his legit fans. On most of his soundtracks, the artist delivers a mix of bravado and unique sonic elements that detail his quirky persona. From the various lessons learned throughout his life, the rapper aims to make the best out of his experiences and creates music that resonates with the listener. His style of rapping is completely unusual and sounds hardcore when accompanied by fascinating hip-hop beats. With a similar approach, the rapper has recently dropped another hit single titled ‘12. Paper’, that easily marks his voice distinguishable from the ordinary. The grit, the enthusiasm, and the energy with which he performs fulfill all the set expectations.


CAINE OTH acknowledges all his superior qualities and emphasizes his impactful verses that kind of make him stand out throughout the song span. The words rhyme and the backdrop sound design uphold the spirit of the words in the best possible manner. The rapper has powerful vocal strength and uses it stylishly to touch on some personal issues without overshadowing his vibrant personality. The song  12. Paper, is a brilliant mixture of hip-hop and rap coupled with other intriguing sound ingredients that effortlessly carve his path in the industry. The prolific rapper is doing great things on his terms and is not bothered about abiding to the set genre norms. Playing in his unique pattern to set the benchmark higher for the others to conquer, the incredibly passionate performer is surely collecting all positive praises from the audience for his eclectic craftwork. Hear his songs on Spotify, and YouTube, and follow him on  Facebook profile and Instagram for further updates on his future projects.

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