The New Song of Calvin Mcfarland ‘How To Love You (Mastered)’ Will Bloom Your Heart with Romanticism


Immensely talented Savannah artist Calvin McFarland has dropped a new single ‘How to love you (mastered)’ by extending his variation of creating new art.

Calvin Mcfarland

Among all kinds of song romance is a particular type of variation that people enjoy more when they are actually in love, and How to love you (mastered) by Calvin McFarland is one of a kind. Where he talks about his beloved one and expressed what he has been feeling for her. Calvin is a passionate singer and performer whose song will make you fall in love harder. In his song, we can see the perfect mixture of electrical music with great rhythm and lyrics which makes it even more beautiful. He has completed 15 years in the industry and possesses a renowned spot, he has been giving songs in the genre of pop, dancehall, and techno, etc. But this time he has tried something new and that is reggeaton. Reggeaton is a type of genre that has the influence of Jamaican and Latin music, mainly it’s been used in Spanish music.

The song ‘How to love you (mastered)’ is so infectious that you can’t stop listening to it once you play. It stays in your heart and mind forever. With his reggaeton music he has set the mood light and the heart smile. Calvin McFarland’s more songs which are definitely worth listening are ‘Better tomorrow’, ‘Positive vibes only’, ‘I don’t mind (master)’, and ‘Moonlight (master)’ and all these tracks are available on SoundCloud. You can also start following him on Instagram for more updates about the upcoming musical projects.

Please visit here to listen to the song of Calvin Mcfarland: