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XXĽ J is bringing back SOUL with his new hit in the making track CHAIN SUMMER


(ProNewsReport Editorial):- Bronx, New York Dec 13, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – XX J,

The astonishing platinum hitmaker, the Underground superstar has done it again! With his new track “chain summer”.

XX J has done a plentiful of things for the music community, he’s dipped into almost every genre such as indie, rock, hip-hop, techno, and a handful of subgenre’s and styles, as well as flows and vibes.

but never soul music until now! With “chain summer”.

this song’s black flavor and depth are breathtaking!, and the presentation and performance of the passion in the track is GROUNDBREAKING, and nothing less than a musical blessing, this old soul style of passion, and vocal expression not many can beat or even try to replicate, this truly is unique and beautiful in every sense.

From The emotion and raw tension in this song to the vibe and sexiness, I can say he’s shown his profane skill and love for music in a whole sense.

This masterpiece “SUMMER CHAIN” has so much meaning and depth in it. from the layers to the meanings, to the depth of the passion, AND the complexity of the emotion in his heart. when he poured it on this song “CHAIN SUMMER”.the vocal skill and control he’s shown, show what he’s fully capable of doing without showing all he can do yet while leaving mystery for his upcoming projects and sounds. also leaving room for questions of his full capacity and range. especially at 1:50 – 2:00 minutes in, that’s where things really get intense and show just who we’re messing with.

On a whole, this song is a pleasant surprise and a great example of the versatility, skill, and talent the young 17-year-old musical prodigy  XX J has, he truly is a don.

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Chain summer

Chain summer

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