4 Rules You Must Follow to Submit Your Music to an Online Music Magazine


Effectively popularize your music career with an online music magazine. In this article, you can learn how to submit your music to blogs to gain a better audience base.

online music magazine

Are you a budding music artist looking for better exposure? If yes then, you must understand how you can get a lot of attention by submitting your music to blogs. In a music blog, you can efficiently promote your music to people who are known for being music enthusiasts. Reaching the base of music enthusiasts can be extremely helpful for your career, but like everything good in life, this too has some steps that you must follow. If you are new to this nuanced form of marketing it is recommended that you think of this like this. Here’s how you can get a lot of attention by submitting your music to blogs:

  1. Choose the right one

If you are willing to build a better life (in this case, a music career) then you must know who is the best person (in this case, a music blog site) for you. To know this you need to do your research there are plenty of sites that will offer you this exposure but you have to learn which online music magazine can be best for your image and your career afterwards. Apart from that, you also need to understand which site you can afford. Many famous music blog sites can charge you a fortune, whereas smaller but effective music channels can give you effective results without costing a lot of money.

  1. Check the Contact Details

While searching for effective music blog channels you also need to make sure that this channel is authentic as there are many illegitimate channels taking money and not offering what they are meant to the first step to understand whether this music blog site is real or not is by checking their contact information. Once you have verified this, you also need to have this information to make a pitch for this distributive media outlet. First, know the name of the person of interest, then take note of their email address and once you have both you can seamlessly craft your email to this person and make your pitch.

  1. Follow their submission guidelines

Once they have reverted on your email then you can ask for proper guidelines to submit your music to their blogs. You can also look for this on their website and if there isn’t any then you can ask them for detailed guidelines and follow them to submit your blogs. Before your blog gets published you can ask them to send you the file and make sure the information is on point along with other attributes like spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Proofreading the content is equally important.

  1. Share Information

While you are sending your information to them make sure that you are giving the following information about you. This is important as they can’t write something about themselves without knowing your craft or your journey. It is your responsibility to make them aware of your work, goals, and achievements. Here’s the list of things you must share with them for a charming outcome.

  • EPK
  • Music genre and style
  • Latest releases
  • Music links (Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, etc.)
  • Social media links
  • Your official music website link
  • Artwork of your single/album
  • 2/3 photos, videos links
  • Tour dates and details

If these are things that you have shared already then you will get a lot of attention and engagement for your music career. Not, by following these simple yet effective rules you can submit your music to any music blog site and get your music to avid music lovers across the globe. If you think that extensive email marketing can give a lot of plays it might lead to an annoyed listener base that isn’t ready to witness your music just yet. But, you can go for an effective music blog website and get promoted as they can make you reach people who are willing to invest their time in good and fresh music.