The Tracks in the Album of ‘Let’s Dance…Vol.4’ brought by O’Neill Fernandes is Surely Going to Make You Dance to Its beats


Pop music artist from Perth, O’Neill Fernandes has come up with his brand new album ‘Let’s Dance…Vol.4’ that will surely bring a smile to all the listeners

Pop is a genre of music, which is loved and embraced by music enthusiasts worldwide. Famous music artist from Australia, O’Neill Fernandes has come up yet again with his brand new album of Let’s Dance…Vol.4, which is featuring twenty great tracks composed from across genres and generations. The album is also featuring great tracks like Gipsy Kings Medleyand ‘Shang A Lang’ which brings an absolute soothing effect to the ears of listeners. He has composed his new album all by himself. From recording until producing, he has done it all by himself. This man is breaking the boundaries as an artist and is establishing the norm of being limitless. He has always inspired people and music lovers to come up with their own work and not to shy away and hold thoughts.

O'Neill Fernandes
O’Neill Fernandes

Born in Bombay (Now Mumbai), in 1956 to Portuguese-Indian parents, O’Neill Fernandes has always focused on providing his music listeners with great music, which can bring a smile to their faces. He has mastered his work field as he has been providing master classes from a very long time. He has always encouraged people to express themselves with their music. His experience and dedication in his work is well transparent with his meaningful creations. Tracks like Gipsy Kings MedleyandShang A Lang in the album of ‘Vol.4’ truly highlights his immense talent and hard work. All of his tracks from the new album are available on Soundcloud. Fans, do not forget to follow him on YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn for getting all the latest updates and more.

Check out to listen this album ‘Let’s Dance…Vol.4’ by O’Neill Fernandes :