Learn How to Write a Social Media Press Release with Photos and Videos


Wondering how to write a social media press release? Check experts’ tips to know how to use photos and other elements in a PR that make it social media-worthy.

How to Write a Social Media Press Release

The reason why video marketing spread so fast across every other industry, is the visual appeal of videos. Online users have become very dynamic with diversified digital content and as a result, their attention span has been reduced to a minimum. Therefore it requires something very eye-catchy and attractive to grab their attention.

Everybody knows how to write a press release but in modern days, only writing a press release is not enough. You have to optimize with other elements to churn out maximum efficiency and in this case, photos and video clips work very well. Info-graphic images and GIF files can also be a part of it. Visual elements can make a press release more powerful and effective in the field of marketing. If you study how to write a social media press release, you will see the importance of the images and videos is quite high there too. Regardless, adding images and other multi-media attachments to your press release is not just applicable to a particular type of PR, but all kinds.

The visual elements help to authenticate and establish the story presented in the PR. Adding images to PR comes with a handful of benefits and if you are not aware of them, here are the top 5 of them.

1. Make People Pay Attention to Your Story

In 2020, many global public relations firms tried to generate more exposure that could help in increasing sales as the market was volatile due to the global pandemic. In order to directly approach the customers and make people pay attention to the story, many firms added photos and videos to their new releases that helped to convey the story better. Digital assets are great for various purposes such as social channels, blogs, newsletters, marketing campaigns, advertisements, and the list goes on. If you add pictures to the press release, you can also gain the attention of the stakeholders and multiple other audiences.

The PRs that incorporate images and other multimedia attachments usually gain better visibility from the market. The PRs that are not comprised of such elements, solely depend on users to read the whole content to get to know the story.

2. Digital Assets to Support News Releases

Not only visibility, but photos help to gain the trust of the users or the target audiences. It can help authenticate the story such as images and info-graphics that can offer an overview even with just a simple glance. Digital assets such as videos can take your PR strategy to a whole new level where it can target all kinds of media. Demonstration videos, product photography, and manufacturing footage can help to establish a new brand in the market with more effectiveness and a stronghold.

3. A Good Photo is Media-Worthy and Truthful

Former USA Today Contract Photographer and contributing Photographer, Bob Riha says, “A good media photo must be truthful from the start”. Bob also said, “Professional photojournalists abide by ethics by not altering the original photo. While color corrections, cropping, and resizing are allowed, we do not recommend photoshopping out items ‘to make the photo better.’”

Quite evidently, Photos play a vital role in your multimedia delivery. Instead of using flowery language stick to your story and outline the facts added in the image. It will make your story more media-worthy and increase the chance of getting featured for distribution. Journalists also like such PRs which are compact with an authentic story along with visual elements to support it. It is very important to keep your content factual and educational.

4. Use Brand Images, Not the Logos

When sharing multimedia, keep the usage of your logo to a minimum. Instead, use brand images that help to embrace the brand even more. A logo works like a sticker or a watermark that does not actually tell a story but only confirms the copyrights and authenticity. Just like placing stickers all over a product or a person is highly discouraging; there is no point in spamming your logo in every other PR.

5. Video Can Enhance Your Press Release

Videos and viewership is an ever-changing landscape of media and it is the current iteration of digital new delivery. Using these aspects and key assets to your press release story, newsrooms, bloggers and other cases can help to create a win-win situation for all. Adding video to your story can offer a richer news experience for both the journalists and the consumers.

Bottom Line

Multimedia is becoming an integral part of every kind of marketing approach and it is not an exception in the case of press releases as well. So, if you want to gain more exposure through your press release, make sure you use multimedia elements effectively.