Sony Patent Invented Patent To Get Rid Of The Loading Time In Playstation5



Everyone is eager to know about how PlayStation5 will work in real time as Sony has not mentioned anything about the latest patent. However, this patent application gave a faint idea about new PS5 during the loading time.

For the patent application, Sony stated that their main motive is to divide the game environments. However, theoretically, it shows that there are smoother transitions and speedy loading. In a simple way, you will find that the user can play on one segment. The platform works quickly and in the background, it prepares the next segment. However, this is more than a theory.

From Santa Monica, a Sony developer tried to reform the environment which is described in the patent application with the God of War in the PlayStation4.

The director of cinematography for God of War, Dori Arazi described the technology as a single-shot effect. He also stated that doesn’t have any errors, loading screens, and cuts that will create a really immersive experience for the gamer. According to the news from Happy Gamer states that Dori Araz ensured it by saying that the actors know the lines and their role well which proves that they will act it in one go.

So far, the technology has not yet introduced how to form a seamless experience of the user. PS5  will bring a huge change.

If you check the early details you will find that 2 terabyte SSD, will reduce the load times. However, the console will also have 24GB memory, eight-core CPU and almost to 14.2 teraflops GPU by using AMD architecture.

There has been a rumor that PS5 will be much powerful than that of Project Scarlett. In PS% the loading time is 40 times faster than that of the current console.