Cultural Connections between Musical Traces of Latin and English in Desolo’s Soundscape Is a Treat


A musical experiment with the ability to create something new out of the already existing and prominent genres is a risk in itself. But upcoming artist Desolo has trespassed every uncertainty and brought to the creative table a flavor that puts together the various notes and eccentricity of English and Latin pop, R&B, and hip-hop into one course. He is a visionary who is conceptualizing a personalized arena of musical freedom and putting his mind and soul into his work. His experiential saga as a singer, rapper, songwriter, producer, and self-sufficient recording artist has made him achieve his fulfillment through music-making. His songs ‘#MeToo’, Digital World’ and ‘Te Extrano’ all have their distinct interpretations in terms of themes and eccentricity.

Hailing from San Carlos, Venezuela, young Washington artist Desolo is already enjoying the sweet taste of a flourishing career. He pursued music as a career after a long break and an 8-year long stint with the army but his passion and joviality in his work have taken him to the epitome of success. Jhosep Mena or Desolo is currently signed to the label KB Recording Group and has already been featured on ReverbNation Latin Global charts for his single ‘Te Extrano’. His experience and journey as an important part of the industry collectively leave gaps for improvements in his work. An avid fan of artists like Danny Ocean and Jon Bellion, his scope and audience acceptance is only expanding by the day. Follow him on his social handles on Soundcloud, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and ReverbNation to experience the beauty of bilingual creative journey right away.

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