James Gandolfini’s Son Michael Gandolfini Steps into the Shoes of Tony in the Upcoming ‘Sopranos’ Movie


James Gandolfini with his son Michael Gandolfini on right – Image Credits – Yahoo

Late James Gandolfini’s legacy and creative opulence will now be carried forward by his son Michael Gandolfini.

In the upcoming prequel movie to one of the best crime dramas, the silver screen has feasted eyes upon will see Michael Gandolfini portraying a reprised role of the young and feisty Tony Soprano. The name of the movie has officially been titled, ‘The Many Saints of Newark’.

In a feature published in the new issue of Esquire, Michael Gandolfini shared his insightful understanding of one of the most iconic roles on television. He also shared how his father was the sole encourager and impetus about his career course towards direction rather than acting.

As per 19-year-old Michael Gandolfini, growing up, his father always pushed him to take up sports and that inflicted as a mental burden on him. But then again, all he wanted was to make his father proud of his son. According to Michael, James perpetually told him to take up direction over becoming an actor because they hold the key to power.

Michael Gandolfini also shared his experience at the audition for The Many Saints of Newark and surprised everyone with a confession.

He said that before he decided to drop in for the audition, he had never watched even a single episode of ‘The Sopranos’ in which his father starred as the lead. He was only a kid during the making of the entire series where he would often drop by and enquire him about the theme and storyline of the show. And to answer such an innocent question, James would reply with an innocent answer saying that the show is about a tough mob guy who regularly goes to a therapist.

Michael continued saying that the hardest part of this entire journey was to sit through all the six seasons of The Sopranos for the very first time. It indeed was a process more intense than what he had expected since as an actor, not only did he have to pay intricate attention to the guy who made the show what it is but also look for minute details in his mannerisms, gestures, and voice modulations, and everything else that he needs to interpret and present in the recapitulation of the character. However, the fictional character is then again his father. He also said that the whole process had been difficult for him because he was in it alone that ended up being upsetting. He sat through the entire series in his dark apartment with his father on the screen at all times.