Obsidian Design Director, Sawyer Says They’d Have to Re-examine Pillar of Entity




Obsidian Entertainment recently released its latest blockbuster The Outer Worlds. The fans are quite excited and curious about their next venture. And, even a fan went to the extent of asking Obsidian’s design director Josh Sawyer about the release if Pillars 3. But, the reply he got on these social media conversations wasn’t expected by the fans of Pillars of Destiny. Now the question is what happened to Obsidian’s Pillar of Eternity? Design Director, Sawyer says they’d have to re-examine the game..

The actual issue of low sales of Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire was drawn out by Josh Sawyer. And, he also stated that if they plan to make another Pillar then they would have to re-examine the entire game.

The first and second sitting of the game on Metacritic has received a high mark of 89 and 88 respectively. Sawyer also stated that he couldn’t figure out why the second installment didn’t make enough sales. He also stated that it would have been easier if Deadfire hadn’t panned out as planned and that would have marled the flaws that needed to be considered.

He also added that users didn’t quite really enjoy the game’s Real-Time and the ability to Pause combat. Divinity: Original Sin received a tremendously positive response but this game didn’t probably due to the reason that people didn’t enjoy it.

As stated by Sawyer, he doesn’t have the confidence and thus wants to careful about directing a sequel to Pillars of Eternity. And, since they failed in giving the audience what they wanted also couldn’t find out the reasons, they would have to guess the problems and the solutions.

Obsidian was purchased by Microsoft last year and thus joined many studios and ultimately entered the Xbox Platform. With the immense support of Microsoft, it would be quite interesting to witness how Obsidian works on the third installment of Pillars of Eternity.